Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet sweet memories.

Grrrrr . . . I want to catch up to blogging real time so badly. But LIFE. It's so bossy. Geesh.

So June, 2013. Gosh, if I had a time machine, I would only need to go back to June. Two of my year's highlights occurred in June.

1) It was the last time I would ever see my Grandma Hollywood. She left this world for a better one only 3 months later. What I wouldn't give to hold her always soft, mostly wrinkled, beautifully manicured hand just one more time.

2) It was the first time that Matt and I have ever taken a trip together - JUST US TWO. Basically, it was our honeymoon, only 6 years and three kids later. I can describe it in one word: BLISS.

June, 2013: Love ya. Miss ya. Mean it.

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