Monday, January 6, 2014

And now I can't get that dang one-hit-wonder outta my head.

Whenever I think of February, I think of Mardi Gras (Oh how I miss you, Baton Rouge. And king cake. King cake, come to momma. King cake makes everything better.) Mardi Gras makes me think of Mambo No. 5 (I always hear "A little bit of Monica" to be "A little bit of Mardi Gras.") And then I feel sad because nowhere in Lou Bega's list of ladies does he mention an Alison or an Ali or heck, I'd even settle for an Alice.

The other thing about February, it's my baby girl's birthday. And February 2013 was the month my baby girl turned ONE! Which means that February 2014 is the month my baby girl will turn TWO! And this is exactly why I did not ring in the new year with party poppers and champagne. No siree, Bob. No ma'am. Because once my baby turns two then big brother turns six and then big sister turns five, and do you see what is happening here? Everyone is getting older and no one is getting younger and I cannot have that. I cannot and will not and no no no.

However, there is one saving grace to this very dismal February situation. Birthdays around here mean cake. And not just any cake (not even king cake). Birthdays mean my mother-in-law's always spectacular infamous cake, and girl, did she ever bake a cake for my baby's birthday.

Her cakes make everything better. Even February.

A little bit of February in my life.

It was a darn good month (with some darn good cake).


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