Monday, December 30, 2013

Because two is better than one. Or maybe it's not. I don't really know.

Guess how many times I blogged in 2009 (the year of my Blessed Treehouse debut)?


How about 2013?


(This post makes 12.)

I birthed this blog almost five years ago, and much like an aging metabolism, my blogging rhythm has slowed down. Drastically.

Metamucil, anyone?

I guess the best thing to do when plates spin haphazardly and irons catch fire is to increase the load. It's the way we multi-taskin' overachievin' people-apleasin' modern women keep the prescription drug  industry a-thrivin'. (Dude, it's a joke. I'm totally not endorsing the recreational use of prescription meds. But if you do use prescription meds recreationally, I totally don't judge you, k? Hopefully this disclaimer covers all my bases. Like I said, I'm a people pleaser.)

So what I'm getting at is that one blog has been too much for me. So naturally I now have two.

In my perfect world, one blog will continue to serve as my family scrapbook (say cheese!) And the other blog will serve as my brain dump (#sorrynotsorry).

But my world continues to be very much imperfect. So there are no guarantees.

Because let's face it, at this rate I'll have a whopping two blog posts published in 2014.

Or maybe none. Or maybe 238. Or who really knows. And I know, I know, you're right. Who really flippin' cares?!

Thanks for keeping it real with me.



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