Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dedicating Greta

We dedicated our sweet Greta girl on Mother's Day at church. She wore the same dress that Harper wore, a gown handmade by my great grandmother. My great grandmother died giving birth to my Grandma Hollywood and her twin brother (who also died). Though Grandma Hollywood never wore it (my great grandfather's grief prevented him from ever seeing the dress on my grandmother), all of the baby girls (and a couple of the baby boys) have since worn it, beginning with my Auntie Kay. What a precious legacy that dress holds.

This is the third baby we've dedicated at Vista Community Church (see Harper's dedication here and Henry's dedication here). It is an honor and privilege to dedicate our babies among such an incredible church body. We are so so grateful for the precious blessings of children and faith community.


  1. What a beautiful story about the gown. And your family is too gorgeous for words. Love you, little Greta!

  2. that dress... amazing. and that baby - she's such a beauty. praise Jesus for these blessings.

  3. Oh my...the dress...the story behind it...AMAZING. Simply beautiful. Pictures are nothing but perfect. And yes, you are correct on "incredible" church body.