Monday, May 7, 2012

Four and flyin' high

One of the joys of having an almost four-year old is that he is now old enough to anticipate his birthday. Weeks, even months, before his 4th birthday, Henry excitedly asked questions about his special day and all the wonder it would bring - how to celebrate, what kind of cake to eat, what kind of presents to buy. Even though his excitement was grounded in self - his party, his cake, his presents - I was filled with joy as I witnessed his anticipation and enthusiasm.

So we loved on him and all his four-year-old glory. This was the first year we did not do a birthday bash at my mom's house as we have done the past three years. Instead Henry took family and his best buddy, Jake, to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. It was a special day, one that Henry recalls vividly. I don't care much for historic airplanes, but for this now four-year-old's mom, the day wasn't about airplanes. It was about my sweet son and his birthday, a celebration full of praise that I have been given the most precious gift, the gift of an incredible son.

We ended the day with pizza and a Becky Hooper original (her cakes are insane). I confess, being a mother of three continues to result in trying to find quicker and more convenient ways of doing things. This was the first kids' party for which I didn't do one stinkin' thing - no homemade fruit dip, no crafty decorations, no themed favors, no nothin'. We literally showed up at the restaurant, ordered pizzas, and left the drink refills and clean-up to the establishment.

Let me tell you, now having done the Martha Stewart worthy party and the just-hand-over-the-credit-card-and-let-the-restaurant-handle-the-rest party, the latter might just be more my style after all.

4-year-old birthday parties ain't so bad after all.

And as you might imagine, he's been four for only a month and already anticipating birthday number five. 


  1. I LOVE that picture of the 3 Hooper men together in front of the same plane that Roger's father once flew. So neat hearing the story behind the famous Duran :)

    Great day!

  2. Love that kid. And I think you're onto something with the no-hassle b-day party.