Sunday, April 1, 2012

Henry . . .

I love how you play house with Harper one minute and Power Rangers the very next. You are all boy and big heart.

I love how you have made me learn about volcanic lava and space exploration and jet planes and bullet trains. Your constant questions challenge me to know more so that I might stop responding, "ask daddy."

I love that you often insist on putting yourself to bed. As much as it breaks my but-you-are-my-baby-boy heart, something swells inside of me every time you head down those steps insisting "I can put the blanket on all by myself."

I love that in your four years, there has never been one single day that I didn't think you are the most beautifully handsome boy I have ever seen.

I love your passion for drawing. You are going to send us into debt with all the paper you demand, but at least we'll have a home decorated in pictures of maps of Ohio state, teddy bears for baby Greta, water spouting from whales, and pipes under ground.

I love that you see certain blocks in your Duplo Lego set and instantly see an airplane cockpit.

I love that you obsessively build skyscrapers with those same blocks only to whack them down causing noise and mess to take over the room.

I love that each night you gather Hoot, Doggie, Teddy, Moosey, Frog Blankie, plus 2 pillows and 2 blankets to pile on your tiny bed for the night.

I love that in response to my nightly "I love you" you return the sentiment 5 times faster with the quickest iloveyoutoo as if you were a 12 year old boy afraid that his friends might overhear.

I love that one of the first full sentences you ever spoke was, "Mommy, I'm shy," and you continue to be overwhelmed by too much attention (you are your mother's son).

I love your dance moves (scratch that - you are your father's son).

Henry, I love you beyond words, and the day you entered this world I was forever made the happiest mom. And it keeps getting better and better.

Happy 4th Birthday.


  1. This is perfect...has me in tears.

    Henry, you are the most amazing boy in the whole wide world! Thank you for bringing such JOY to my life. You keep us in constant laughter and heart melts. LOVE YOU!


  2. He is a special young man.
    I love him too.