Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Following our morning together as a family, we ventured a half mile up the road to my parents' house. I'm not quite sure what happens in this half mile, but from our house to my parents' house, Santa becomes extremely more generous. Who needs FAO Schwarz when you have Oma & Opa's house?

I wish I could say that the spoiling stopped there. But within hours of this fairytale we headed south to Matt's parents' house. I should add that my kids are the only grandkids, nieces and nephews on BOTH sides of our families. It shouldn't even be legal.


  1. Well, hello Baby what big eyes you have.
    Ya, we got the same one in our house...the amount of bacteria left between her mouth and "poop hole" creeps the bajeepers out of me. HA!

    Greet pics - fun times.

    1. Jill - I haven't even attempted the food/poop yet. Why would I want a toy that requires a diaper change?! I have enough work to do as a mother of two already!

  2. So true!! We told Emma it was totally her deal - no help from mom. She ran out of diapers so we put a halt to it all!!
    And just for the record, if any kid of mine can talk as plain as that baby alive doll and say more than 30 words (as indicated on box), they sure as heck better be old enough to poop in the potty!!! hee hee!

    BTW - So missing you Ohio peps. Can not wait to see your new one. Blessings!

  3. Jill! Yes, hence the age difference. Harper is TWO! Your sweet Emma can actually change a diaper. Mine still wears them at night :)