Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost Christmas

A couple of our almost-Christmas traditions include:

Visiting the incredible train display at the main library. And across from the library is a life-size nativity display (not pictured). The nativity is one that my family visited when I was a kid. This is the second year that we took our kids to see the train display and the nativity. Both activities are free! Columbus is awesome like that.

My mom's Christmas Eve party (preceded by Christmas Eve service). This year she had 14 kids, 13 who were five and under. It was absolute mayhem, and I loved it (here's a look at 2010's party).

Thinking back, I believe the Christmas Eve party tradition started at our house three years ago, but the memory is fuzzy. I have a vague memory of my beautiful friend, Marla, and her family sitting around my living room after our church's Christmas Eve service. If you've been to our condo, you know why this tradition has moved to my mom's house. 14 kids in our condo might take down the entire complex. I only wish I had pictures of that party three years ago. Ugh, pregnancy brain, why do you hate me?!


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