Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Heroes

Halloween stream of consciousness . . .
  • Why is my 3-year-old obsessed with Spiderman? I don't get it, but I think it's adorable.
  • How many more years can I get away with manipulating their costume choices so that there is a theme?
  • With the exception of these three minutes when we took these pictures, my son refused to wear his mask.
  • These two minis gathered oodles of candy, and it was my brilliant idea to separate the chocolate from the lesser candy so that the chocolate would not be contaminated by lame peppermints and orange taffy. That beloved bucket-o-chocolate sat on our kitchen counter for two whole weeks before our dog got the nerve to jump the counter and bring it down. I came home one Sunday to an empty bucket, and it took three days for that darn dog to pass (from both ends) all the candy wrappers.
  • One year my sister dressed up as a snow princess and wore my wedding dress as her costume. True story.
  • If you knew my sister during that time in her life, you know what a gamble that was for me to lend her my wedding dress for a Halloween party. Both my sister and the dress survived. It was a Halloween miracle.


  1. Cutest superheros ever!
    AMEN to a Halloween miracle! God is good!

  2. Oh my word, adorable. And a double amen to MoMo's Halloween miracle!! (Would love to insert one of her famous quotes here, but it's not family-friendly, and I can't remember it exactly anyway.)

  3. Halloween, Harper, Henry, Holiday. Nice touch. If only you had a dog named Hans.

  4. @Marla Taviano Or a last name Hooper. Oh, wait . . .

  5. Dear Superwoman Harper,
    You make the bestest Superwoman ever. And you pictures are better than the Queen of England.
    Your Indiana groupies

  6. @auntmomo What possessed you to be a snow princess, anyway?