Monday, October 3, 2011

The making of an imperfect family photo

Once again a family celebration came and went and I forgot to get a family picture. So Matt set-up the tripod and here are the perfectly imperfect results.

Henry, just because you can't see the camera doesn't mean the camera can't see you. And Ali, the googly eyes are freaking me out. Put. Them. Away. What? It's freaking you out that I'm talking to myself on my own blog? Oh, forget you, no one can take you seriously with those freaky eyes.

Am I the only one in this family who can stay focused? Matt, are you singing? Cut that out, you don't sing. And Henry, now you're freaking me out.

Matt, are you snacking on Henry's hair? And children, why do you look so serious? I know, I just called you children. Weird. Wait, why are we posing in front of our wedding pictures? This photo session just keeps getting freakier.

And now Harper's singing?! We are not a family who sings! And why is wedding day Matt smelling a ghost in the background? FREAKY!
Oh forget it, I give up.