Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pelotonia 11

Last year my Dad cycled 102 miles from Columbus, OH to Athens, OH to raise money for cancer research in the Pelotonia. Matt, the kids, and I traveled down to Athens to see my Dad cross the finish - an incredible accomplishment. It was downright awesome, and that day, Matt said that next year he wanted to participate in Pelotonia 11.

By golly, my husband not only participated, he finished the 102 mile journey, as did my Dad and thousands of other riders.

It was sooooo cool. I have never been so proud of Matt - he dedicated crazy early mornings, long evenings, and many of his Saturdays to training for the ride. It was grueling and beyond exhausting, and he did it.

Seeing him cross the finish line gave me chills - I was overcome with excitement and emotion. I can only imagine how he felt.

And for those of you who supported him through prayer and financial giving - thank you. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate your encouragement. Every time a donation would come through, I saw the excitement building on Matt's face - giving him motivation and the assurance that people believed in him.

To my husband and my dad: I am so darn proud of you two. I love you both, and I thank God for your diligence and perseverance. You two inspire me.


  1. Congrats to Matt on a great ride!

  2. Whooho! That's awesome! A century ride plus 4 miles. That's just showing off. I love the compression socks too.

  3. this brings tears to my eyes:) you have such a sweet family. the look on matts moms face says it all.....very touching!

    Love, the Kuntz family