Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My daughter turned two and I didn't even blog her a happy birthday.

I have a daughter. And she's officially two. And she has wispy curls and baby cellulite and the most adorable dimple on her right cheek. And I am her momma. And I love mothering a daughter more than I could have ever imagined.

Oh my sweet sweet Harper. You are the daughter I wasn't even sure I could handle. Being the mother of one very easy-going boy, I remember thinking, 'why rock the boat - I can handle this boy thing.' And then I delivered a daughter and forever fell in love with a tiny baby girl who stole a piece of my heart that I didn't even know existed.

Oh my sweet sweet Harper. I have three words for you: second child syndrome. If you aren't suffering from it yet, the inevitable is fast approaching. I pray you have no idea what I have failed to document and record and celebrate merely because of your birth order and in no way an indication of the amount of love or lack thereof that I have for you. With Henry, I filled my days tracking his every breath. All of his firsts and many of his seconds. Even some thirds! Oh for heaven's sake, it's a good thing you came shortly after. Because now my time is filled swaddling your baby dolls, detangling your morning bird nest, and spinning around in your overstuffed closet full of the most delightful dresses, skirts and bloomers.

Oh my sweet sweet Harper. You keep me alive. Your blood-curdling screams keep me racing through the house only to be reminded that you offer the same over-the-top reaction when you are frustrated by a puzzle as when you are physically injured. Your highs are the delight of my life. And your lows. Oh will I ever figure out what to do with your lows? The body thrown across the floor, scream piercing the walls, and tears as big as Texas. But oh how I love to scoop you up and insist you calm down only to watch your lip turn and evolve into a pout that could break even the hardest of hearts.

Oh my sweet sweet Harper. I am so thankful that God knew better. He knew that I needed you. Never have I been so humbled as you have humbled me. Never have I been so thankful for God's good and perfect gift as I am with you. Never have I been so blessed. Never ever. Ever ever.

Happy Birthday, even weeks later. I celebrate you daily. And I pray that I never lose sight of what a special treasure you are to me.


  1. I'd say you more than made up for not blogging on "the date". I'm sure you were so busy celebrating in real life that blog life took a weak second. Your love for your children is so pure and inspirational.

  2. Now Aunt Momo is you Harper are the best little girl in the world, and bring so much joy to so many!!!!

  3. This post is perfection. I love you, Harper Lynn!!

  4. I love my girls and celebrate you and mo daily (H & H too).
    Including all the drama!