Thursday, August 11, 2011

Auntie Kelley & Uncle Joe's

Matt, my minis and I live in a condo that I bought with my sister back when I was single. We now have the condo on the market in the hopes of selling it and buying a house of our own. We love this condo - LOVE IT - but we have many reasons for wanting a house . . . all in God's time.

When I fantasize about our future house, I would love to find something that we'll live in 'forever.' Or at least pretty darn close to it. My family lived in the same community for much of my childhood, but we moved around within that community every few years. I've always dreamed of living in the same house all of my life - one home full of endless stories and memories. My husband grew up in the same house all of his life. In fact, his dad has lived on the same property for his entire life (aside from his college years). He grew up in the farmhouse, later moved up the hill to the house where he would raise my husband, and then he moved back into the original and now restored farmhouse. His daughter (my sister-in-law) now lives in the house (up the hill) that my husband grew up in. Does anyone else think that is the coolest thing ever?

Recently (okay, over a month ago - did I mention that I suck at blogging lately?) Kelley (my sister-in-law) and her husband (Joe) had us down for a family gathering. We are only 4 years into my marriage and I already feel like my best memories are being made when the Hooper or Kelley families get together - there is something magical about this great big happy family, many who have lived and breathed southeastern Ohio all of their lives.

Our time in McConnelsville is also important to who we are as a family - giving my kids opportunities that we can't give them here in suburbia. Tractors mowing hay across the street, endless grass fields giving home to crops and livestock, wide open spaces for unlimited hours of play, backyard swimming until darkness sends us home, fireworks blazing without concern for waking the neighbor. The country gives the kids freedoms that logistically we don't have in Dublin.

I'm so thankful to be making memories with precious family and friends no matter if we're in the city, country, or the 'burbs.

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  1. What is it about babies in goggles!!! Could eat her up!