Thursday, June 2, 2011

Firefighter Party

Sweet Jake Ryan holds a special place in my heart. He is exactly 7 weeks younger than my firstborn, and there is no doubt that the two boys will forever be best buds. At only three years of age, they ask for the other constantly, and though they are still learning the simple rules of life - use manners, always share, don't hit - they learn together (often at the expense of the other), and it's a blessing to watch them explore the world side-by-side.

This year, the night before Jake's 3rd birthday and 3 days before his 3rd birthday party, my cousin, Jared (Jake's dad), ended up in the hospital undergoing an emergency surgery to fix (MAJOR) bleeding caused by a tonsillectomy. Jared & Lisa cancelled the party (understandably so!) but invited family and a couple close friends to celebrate Jake. Amidst all of the chaos, Lisa still managed to organize a few AWESOME activities for the kids: a fireman obstacle course (each child earned their own fire badge, minus Harper who refused to participate - learning to put on her shoes has taken over her life), an extinguish-the-fire game where the kids threw water balloons at a fire-stricken house drawn with chalk (genius!), and a visit from an actual firetruck and real live firemen (thank you, Washington Township!)

The kids were in HEAVEN. And though his birthday bash was cancelled, I think Jake knew no different. It was a beautiful evening and wonderful party, and we were thrilled to celebrate Henry's best bud.

We love you, Jake Ryan. Thank you for including us in your special day.


  1. What a cute post.I am always amazed with your blog. It's pretty much amazing,like yourself. I miss you guys so much. Maybe one day I will re-enter the blogging world, but my life isn't that exciting. haha

  2. PLEASE return to blogging - it allowed me to keep up with what's going on in your life. Even if it's little things like "I went to Ninfa's for dinner" or "I bottle danced at Phils." I miss you, too!