Saturday, May 7, 2011

Miss Bunny Ears 2011

My hometown is home to Wendy's headquarters and back in the day they held an annual Miss Wendy pageant. Girls would put on a bright red pigtailed wig and blue & white striped dress and compete to be that year's spokesgirl for the restaurant. Most of the girls ended up looking like a trashy Raggedy Ann doll with dime-sized fake freckles all over their faces. It was quite bizarre. Very bizarre. But my hometown is also home to a field of giant cement corn so I'm not really surprised we hosted an event such as the Wendy's pageant.

Anyway, recently we plopped some fake bunny ears on Harper's sweet little mop and I thought, if there was a Miss Bunny Ears pageant in which girls put on a set of bunny ears and competed to represent commercialized Easter, I can tell you that there would be no contest. And I think you'll agree.

But then something terrible happened and my daughter started to take the Miss Bunny Ears pageant to an entirely different level and I was reminded of a pageant-of-sorts that also involves bunny ears and partially-clothed girls and that was the end of that photo shoot and I've spent everyday since in deep prayer that my daughter's future would never ever ever have anything to do with bunny ears or pageants or partially-clothed photography. Lord have mercy, we're moving to Antartica.


  1. Hilarious post! Amazingly I didn't even think of that until you said it. I find it miraculous that you are able to find time to blog with those two nuggets.

    Miss you Al!

  2. Top Picture: My new screen saver
    Bottom Picture: no words

    She needs to be my child...

    Love you Harper Lynn!

  3. Coley, you can totally steal it for your comedy bit.

  4. She is a true Dublin Girl. And the sad thing is that I see a Dublin girl in her with the bottom three pictures... Like Dublin Girl on Spring Break.

    I'm just saying :)


  5. Lauren, next time I see you, I'm going to slap you.

  6. Cute post...she's a doll, no question!
    P.S. Indiana has real corn. Sure do miss that giant cement corn though....a lot.

  7. Too funny.... She is adorable. Love reading your posts. Diane E