Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's talk about penises.

And poop and anything else that fascinates little boys. And big boys. And grown men. {rolls eyes}

I thought I'd share a few of my three-year-old son's recent penis/poop incidents (READER BEWARE):

While changing his diaper, Henry sang this to the tune of Wheels on the Bus, "My penis goes up and down, up and down. My penis goes up and down." And when I asked him the name of the song, he said, "Penis Bus." Well, naturally, of course.

Another favorite around this house is Henry's famous saying, "Always don't touch your poop." Occasionally he expands on that, adding "or your hands will get dirty." The kid's got a point.

And the one that I still struggle to handle appropriately, because I'm much too immature for this parenting thing, and because HE'S MY LITTLE BOY, Henry's famous announcement, "Mommy, my penis tickles and I want to touch it." Oh dear heavens! And to think puberty is still a decade away.

And the latest . . . and probably not appropriate for the Internets, but since when did that stop me from clicking Publish? Naked Henry noticed that his penis was, well, you know, up, and he said, "Mommy, look! My penis is like a mountain." Oh for heavens sake!

You could say we have a very open relationship.

Please pray for me.


  1. HILARIOUS. Quinn is obsessed with his penis too. Last week he told my husband that he wanted a big penis like daddy. HA!

  2. Haha, that is awesome...Parker isn't as fascinated by his..yet. I mean he knows he's got one and he'll tell ya, but yah, he hasn't come up with anything as creative as Henry!

    Now farting on the other hand...yah...there's your problem! He will laugh and go, "Mommy I tooted"

  3. Thanks for the laugh! That is too funny! BOYS will be boys :)

  4. May I have Henry's mother's permission to quote him in my next book?

  5. Whew. That was a close one. I'm in a hotel room on my husband's computer, and I nearly left my last comment under his name. Speaking of my husband, he just came out of the bathroom and said something that would've fit perfectly in this post.

  6. This is terrible, but I really want to know what Gabe said!

    So I have an 8-year old boy and we've had all kinds of comments over the years. And I hate to tell you, it gets worse! I've handed the whole thing over to my husband because, well, I don't know what to say! I'm working on it. The real problem is that he has a 3-year old sister who is very observant, and has quite the vocabulary. She is the one I worry about!

  7. Marla, he's very quotable. Absolutely!

  8. Can not stop laughing!!! As the mother of two girls, I say GOD BLESS YOU!!!! :)

  9. Women! And I suppose you guys don't obsess about your body parts.
    Go Henry, go Henry!