Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hollywood Babies

Some of you know that my mother's maiden name is Hollywood. No, really, it is. My grandfather's family is from Hollywood, Ireland, a small village just southwest of Dublin. My grandparents raised their family in Downey, California, a mere 20 miles from the infamous Hollywood district and mountainous sign. So it's no surprise that many of my Ohio friends assume that we call my grandmother "Grandma Hollywood" not because that's really her name but because she resides there.

Unfortunately my precious Grandpa died before ever seeing any of his babies' babies produce babies, and as my lovely Grandma so often says, "he loved you kids and he'd have gotten a kick out of seeing all of his great-grandchildren." Love and kicks, that was Grandpa Hollywood.

Recently the west coast babies made a trip east, and for the first time EVER, all seven Hollywood babies were together. Sadly my Grandma could not be here to see them as a bunch, but it's probably a good thing. It was a lively and LOUD afternoon.

These pictures are dedicated to Grandpa Hollywood, the sweetest kid of them all.

And if these seven GORGEOUS munchkins are any indication of how handsome (and feisty) Jimmy Hollywood was, you will know he was quite the catch. Way to go, Phyllis!


  1. I never knew the reason you called her Grandma Hollywood! I definitely thought it was because she was from there!

    Love these pics!

  2. love this....love him

  3. Is Jenson pinching Harper's face in that one pic...caught in the act :) Next year it will be fun to add a newborn to the mix :)

  4. He's just getting her back from when she bit his head.