Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Easter?

When I was about 12 years old, Champ, our golden retriever, went for a joy ride in the nearby woods on Easter Sunday. Champ's built-in GPS could put TomTom to shame, and soon after he left, Champ came traipsing up the steps onto the back porch. When my dad opened the door to let in the happy dog, we noticed that Champ was not alone. Hanging from his mouth was a baby rabbit, and as if a dead baby bunny on Easter Sunday wasn't bad enough, the poor thing wasn't even dead. The lil' nugget was still breathing but not well, and thank you Lord for a dad who grew up with hillbillies and knows how to take care of those things. One snap of the neck later, and the Easter bunny was out of its misery.

I was recently reminded of this tragic event when my husband spent this past Easter season on his own quest for a kill. This time the prize was a turkey. And because my macho husband thinks it's fun to live like the natives, he opted to hunt turkeys with a bow and arrow. And because my Robin Hood actually happens to be a darn good archer, he succeeded. And though I find the entire thing absolutely barbaric, I thought I'd share a few pics of my proud hubby, his weapon, and his trophy.

Because you really didn't want to see a picture of a dead bunny, did you?

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  1. In a sick, weird, and twisted way I am finding this post to be darling, funny and bringing a laugh to my Friday morning.
    Cracking me up.