Tuesday, April 12, 2011


To celebrate my boy's third birthday, we had a rockin' race car par-tay!

I received a lot of sweet compliments on this invitation. But I can't take much credit - they were seriously so easy to make. I created the invitation in Publisher and printed four to a page. I had them laminated for pennies at Office Max. I added the clips so that they felt like real pit passes.

No Hooper party is complete without one of my mother-in -law's homemade one-of-a-kind cake creations.

She created these race cars out of fondant. Aren't they perfect?

Pit Stop: the food!

I found these baskets at GFS. A bit of a splurge at $9.99 for 12, but I thought they complimented the party wonderfully. And now I have them for future parties.

The food was basic. Hot dogs, chips, fruit, veggies, and . . .


Refuel: drinks!

My husband built this four-lane race track. It was an absolute hit. And the project was simple. He bought the board and painted it. Then he painted the wooden 1x1s. He nailed those into the board and that was about it.

My parents suggested we lean it against their bed (my parents are the most hospitable people I know - when I said to my mom, "but the kids might climb on your bed with their shoes on," she said, "Alison, do you think I care? The kids will have fun!") It worked out perfectly because there was plenty of room for the kids to gather and race their cars down the tracks.

We set out a box of Matchbox cars, but the lanes are wide enough that the kids can race even larger cars.

We set out tires and bean bags for the kids to play with. Sweet Sammy had other plans for the tires.

Mister Henry is easily overwhelmed. He very much enjoyed his party, but having everyone sing to him made him quite uncomfortable.

This is as close as he would get to his cake. He never did blow out the candles.

But who really cares about candles anyway? The cake and ice cream was delicious, and that was all that mattered.

One activity not pictured is the egg hunt. Because Henry's birthday always falls close to Easter, we traditionally have an egg hunt at his birthday party. This year I splurged on car-shaped eggs that I found at the dollar store ($1 for 6 eggs as opposed to $1 for 18). I filled the eggs with stickers and candy. It was a cold rainy day, so we did the egg hunt indoors this year.

What I love about these pictures is that there is not one picture of Henry looking at the camera. He is such a shy boy.

His sister is very much the opposite.

In every way.

I found Hot Wheels cars and Hot Wheels silly bands for party favors.

Even though I insisted NO GIFTS, some of our friends and family spoiled Henry anyway.

He was very grateful.

Go figure - it wasn't until we got home that evening that I realized we never took a family picture at the party. I made Matt set up the camera and timer so that we could get a family picture. And of course, with no one behind the camera, Henry was happy to look at it :)

It was such a great party, and I am so blessed to celebrate another beautiful year with my amazing son. Thank you to everyone who made his day so sweet. We love you all.


  1. Look like an AWESOME party! What a great theme.

  2. I am so glad you post all of the details of your parties... that way one day when I want to have a Rockin party I can go back and copy your past creations. Lane even said on our way " I love Hooper/Nameth food" then later said "If I could just have 1 hour alone in the food room".
    Good times! ~Lo

  3. We were sooooooooo bummed to miss it!! Thanks so much for recreating it for us!! You. Are. AMAZING. And don't EVEN try to brush off my compliment. I won't listen to you for a second.

  4. Lauren, I felt the same way at Avery's party. YUM!

  5. Outstanding.
    Henry is as handsome as ever....he wears 3 well. :)

  6. ♥love your blog♥