Wednesday, April 6, 2011


While most people were super glued to their toilet seats and drinking soapy lattes, we done April Fool's right - with a CELEBRATION.

Because April Fool's Day is only the best holiday ever. It's Henry's birthday!

This year we celebrated by hosting one of Henry's dearest gal pals, Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn spoiled Henry with doughnuts and gifts, and though a lovely gesture, it means that Miss Erin is in big big trouble (no presents means NO PRESENTS).

Finger lickin' good.
Doughnuts. Best way to start the day. Ever.
Get in my belly (that one's for you, Morgan & Aaron).
Doughnut demolition Harper style: remove the sprinkles and suck off the icing. I'm a shove-as-much-in-my-mouth-as-possible kind of doughnut eater (not pictured, your welcome), but to each her own, I guess.
The Aquadoodle is one of those inventions that makes you mad that you didn't invent it first. It's so simple and yet so brilliant.
I've never seen three toddlers play so beautifully together in all my life.
Aquadoodle = Genius.
I'm kind of obsessed with these three amigos.
And now they attempt to assist me in the kitchen. And spray the entire back wall with water. Why did I think putting the Aquadoodle away was a good idea?
Sprinkling cheese on pizza is a fine art.
And a tasty one.
As if that wasn't already the best birthday ever, MoMo stopped by with cake and balloons, and the rest is history.
MoMo might be even more awesome than the Aquadoodle.
Yep, I'm pretty sure she is.

And to think the day was only half over. If you're friends with me on fb, you know the latter part of the day was spent eating chickennuggetsfrenchfries and drooling over Mover Rich rocking out at the Imagination Movers concert.

Not a bad day for my 36 month old boy (and that one is for you, Erin Bradshaw).

Doughnuts, Aquadoodle, and Mover Rich - I mean seriously, I want to turn three!


  1. What an AMAZING birthday!! Are Saturday's pics next?? I'm soooooo sad we couldn't be there!!

  2. How is it our boys are turning 3, weren't they just born yesterday? Love you!

  3. Somehow, I have no doubt you are already enjoying the journey to 4!!

  4. I'm crying. Literally. A great mixture of laughter tears...and sweet tears. Thank you for loving my daughter so well. And letting her crash Henry's birthday. Thanks for the shout out - I can't believe our kids are 36 months old. :-) And by the way - you said no presents at the PARTY. I followed directions, thankyouverymuch.

  5. Looks like such a fun day, Ali!! What a relaxing, sweet celebration! Hope you had fun (I'm sorry I didn't even know that was his big day).

    I'd love to get together SOON!!

  6. That can not be the Kaitlynn Bradshaw I remember!? And Henry??? Quit letting those kids grow up, will ya?!?!
    PS....and Harper..well,her cuteness just melts my heart. mwah!