Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I stepped over the pile of worn-three-days-in-a-row sweatpants and t-shirt and opened the closet to find something requiring more effort. I slipped on a long dress and cardigan sweater before managing to curl my eyelashes and blow dry my recently trimmed hair. The cleaned up version of me felt awkward yet fresh. And it became even more obvious that I was out of my element when my son saw me and said, "Daddy, daddy! Mommy is a princess!"

I hate the title Princess. But in that moment, I've never felt so adored. Leave it up to a 3-year-old boy to make me feel like a million bucks. And I'll take it. Give him a few minutes and he'll be smearing snot across my sleeve, whining that he doesn't want to take a bath, reminding me that my life is far from royal. And let's face it, my days are consumed with ketchup stains and playing make-believe dinosaurs. Dresses, make-up, and blown out hair is better left for movie stars and drag queens.

And princesses.


  1. You are always a princess - your Daddy in the King ;)

    It's always nice to dress up every now and then!

  2. Remember all of those princess-like clay shoes we used to collect? One day, after these crazy years with little ones, we will buy ourselves some of those real pretty fancy shoes, pull out those shiny purses you used to have and have our husbands take us to exotic places where we will have riveting conversation about social issues, the the-a-tre and where our next European trip will be. ----------- Hey, if Cinderella got her fairy tale, why can't we in a few years right? Love you princess Ali! ~Lo

  3. can i get an AMEN!!!! love you princess

  4. You will always be my princess.

  5. AMEN.
    (3:10 in the afternoon, sitting her in my pj pants still and the breath to match.) ;)

  6. Ha, the same day you post this was one of the days that I actually took a shower in the morning. Once I finished getting dressed in jeans and a "nicer" t-shirt, Matthew (20 mo.) ran into the bathroom pointing at me saying "cute, cute".....ahhh....he was my favorite for the day.