Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Tie Organization: WINNING!

I have a friend named Kate. And recently I discovered that she is part genius. Actually, she might be full genius, but I'm still getting to know her so that is yet to be determined.

Anyway, I made this discovery after she offered me a brilliant suggestion. You see, my daughter's hair is very much like her mommy's hair (bless our stringy-haired hearts): half-wavy-half-straight-sometimes-curly-always-thin. My hair rocked in the 80s; it permed beautifully. But the post-perm era hasn't been kind. And my precious daughter is in for a sorry treat.

So in an effort to keep my hair tamed (especially when I'm too lazy to style it, which is everyday), I ponytail my hair. And now that Miss Harper's hair is getting longer, I've begun to do the same with hers. But the itty bitty hair ties that I use to pull up her hair are jumpy and feisty making them very hard to contain.

And that's where part-genius Kate comes in. She suggested that I use a binder ring to store them, keeping them contained, accessible, and easy to store.

So when I recently decided to organize the bathroom closet (this is only 1/20th of the mess I tackled), I started with the hair ties and binder rings.

It's a stringy-hair miracle!

What about you? Are you part-genius? Do you have any miraculous hair suggestions for my daughter and me?


  1. E-mail me your address and I will hook you up with some super glamorous ponytail holders. I say if you can't beat it, embrace it! (Check out my etsy page and then you can give me a hint at colors!)

  2. Sorry no help with the hair...I have the curly hair plague myself :) Though everyone always says they want it, I'd rather have straight.

    But that is a great idea...I need to figure out how to best store my headbands - I am kind of obsessed with them!

  3. Love this idea ~ Avery and I in who follow in you girls in our thin hair glory will be taking this tip for our bathroom organization too! ~Lo

  4. more pictures of harper in the ponytails please!

  5. Winning! Genius! Love it!

  6. so fun! thanks for sharing cause i need any organizational help i can get!!!! miss you

  7. p.s. what's your etsy page Angie?