Thursday, March 31, 2011

I heart crafts.

And friends. And crafts with friends.

And in the spirit of the season (yeah, that's Christmas I'm talking about. I'm a bit behind, thankyouverymuch), I invited a handful of friends to get their craft on with me.

We made photo wreaths, a simple craft requiring basic supplies: photographs, cardstock, scissors, glue, ribbon, and embellishments.

It was an awesome and productive evening, and I think we started a tradition!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I stepped over the pile of worn-three-days-in-a-row sweatpants and t-shirt and opened the closet to find something requiring more effort. I slipped on a long dress and cardigan sweater before managing to curl my eyelashes and blow dry my recently trimmed hair. The cleaned up version of me felt awkward yet fresh. And it became even more obvious that I was out of my element when my son saw me and said, "Daddy, daddy! Mommy is a princess!"

I hate the title Princess. But in that moment, I've never felt so adored. Leave it up to a 3-year-old boy to make me feel like a million bucks. And I'll take it. Give him a few minutes and he'll be smearing snot across my sleeve, whining that he doesn't want to take a bath, reminding me that my life is far from royal. And let's face it, my days are consumed with ketchup stains and playing make-believe dinosaurs. Dresses, make-up, and blown out hair is better left for movie stars and drag queens.

And princesses.

Friday, March 25, 2011


The irony of my life is that I'm a perfectionist who hates perfection. I like planning ahead, color-coordinated closets, and detailed task lists boasting completions. And yet I also love out-of-the-box thinking, clashing patterns, and broken-in furniture.

I love taking risks yet fear the unknown.

I hate clutter but love messes.

I get high from balancing my precisely-pennied checkbook and yet I feel suffocated under the pressures of a strict budget.

And when I look at my kids, I already see this dichotomy influencing their lives. Most days at home they spend half-dressed with their hair in disarray because I simply adore them to look like kids, not dolls. And yet each one of their toys has a home and each book a shelf because I can't stand to find things misplaced.

While we almost always eat lunch at 11a sharp, the highlight of the meal is watching crumbs fall into their laps and peanut butter smear across their faces, the tiring consequences of learning to feed oneself and use utensils.

The beauty of this conundrum is that when I look at my babies, I see the perfect blend of perfection and imperfection.

They are perfectly beautiful, perfectly chaotic, perfectly innocent, and perfectly goofy. And most of all, they are perfect for me.

Funny how God gives us these perfectly amazing children even though the mess of our lives deserves no such gift. What a wonderful reminder of His love. He looks right past our imperfections and sees the perfect creatures He intended for us to be.

Friday, March 18, 2011

What God Moments?

Here is what I wrote in my journal on Wednesday:

Harper is on day five of the flu. We've cleaned up vomit and laundered its victims more times than I can count. I've never seen her so sick. The week opened with days worth of plans and obligations but now my iCal sits empty. I can't let go of the worry that consumes me as I watch her suffer. Not to mention my own exhaustion. It's pushing me to the brink. My faith is flailing. I haven't left the house since I don't know when. I want to see the God moments in all of this but my head is foggy and my anxieties are high. All I see are demons.

It's now Friday, and while Fridays usually don't mean much considering each day spills into the next, I am thankful for Friday. My daughter is healthy, my family is healthy, and a gorgeous weekend is ahead of us.

In retrospect, God was here this past week, His Presence all around us. He protected my sweet son, my precious husband, and even me from the ugly virus that I know satan wanted us to suffer. God healed my daughter and returned her spunk. He showered us with support from kind friends and my always selfless family. And most importantly, He humbled me. He brought me to a place where I could only depend on Him for each waking minute. My body was zombified. My mind drunk with sleep-deprivation. I was a basket-case but God had mercy on me.

As I reread what I wrote on Wednesday, I realize it was a bit dramatic. Harper only had the flu, after all. But you couldn't have told me that in the moment. And strangely, I'm thankful that it was so hard for me. It took me to a place that I needed to go, a place of desperate intimacy with the God who pulled me out of the pit. And He gave me an even greater appreciation for His gifts - my beautiful and healthy children.

Had I not taken this journey, I might have responded differently today when my daughter threw a royal fit - flailing her body to the ground, face slammed into the dirt, remnants of asphalt jammed into her forehead. Normally I might have wanted to give up. How do you console a little girl who is acting possessed? But giving up didn't even cross my mind. My daughter was healthy enough to act completely awful, and that same grace God showed me this week overcame me as I loved my daughter through her utter tantrum.

My precious daughter, sicker than sick.

Thank you, Jesus! She's back.

God moments are always there. But you must open your eyes to see.

James 1:2-4

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Tie Organization: WINNING!

I have a friend named Kate. And recently I discovered that she is part genius. Actually, she might be full genius, but I'm still getting to know her so that is yet to be determined.

Anyway, I made this discovery after she offered me a brilliant suggestion. You see, my daughter's hair is very much like her mommy's hair (bless our stringy-haired hearts): half-wavy-half-straight-sometimes-curly-always-thin. My hair rocked in the 80s; it permed beautifully. But the post-perm era hasn't been kind. And my precious daughter is in for a sorry treat.

So in an effort to keep my hair tamed (especially when I'm too lazy to style it, which is everyday), I ponytail my hair. And now that Miss Harper's hair is getting longer, I've begun to do the same with hers. But the itty bitty hair ties that I use to pull up her hair are jumpy and feisty making them very hard to contain.

And that's where part-genius Kate comes in. She suggested that I use a binder ring to store them, keeping them contained, accessible, and easy to store.

So when I recently decided to organize the bathroom closet (this is only 1/20th of the mess I tackled), I started with the hair ties and binder rings.

It's a stringy-hair miracle!

What about you? Are you part-genius? Do you have any miraculous hair suggestions for my daughter and me?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Tuesday mornings we play school with the neighbor girls filling my house with a mess of crafts and giggles and books and sticky fingers (every school day should end with a lollipop).

Recently we got our craft on melting chocolates and candies into heart-shaped molds although the end product was a lot less appetizing than you'd think. But kids like to suck down blue yogurt from tubes - they'll happily eat anything that's colorful and sweet.

Whether or not the kids are actually learning anything is hardly the point, right?