Thursday, February 3, 2011


Sometime last year (or was it the year before?) I got this crazy whack idea. I decided to learn to knit. And because my momma is a knittin' fool, I asked her to teach me. It didn't take but a few minutes for me to catch on.

And then I went home and settled into the knitters position (cozy afghan, cinnamon candle, classical music) and took out my needles. And then nothing.


And that's when I realized this knittin' thang is a heck of a lot harder than it looks.

So I gave up.

Because never ever ever would I be anywhere near as knitastic as my AMAZING momma. That girl can knit!

And that's also when I realized that the dozens and dozens of gifts she has knitted for me and my hubs and my kids are so much greater than simply gifts. They are brilliant and complicated works of art.

Here's just a sampling of her talent:

Leg Warmers (could you not die?!)

Toys (genius!)

Cozy sweaters (PRESH.)

Ponchos! (my personal fave.)

Hats & mittens galore. (beyond cute.)


You have a gift. Thank you for ALL of the beautiful items you have knitted together with love.

You are the best.


  1. Makes me want to learn to knit!!! I've been thinking about asking someone to teach me. I want the legwarmers!

  2. I LOVE your mom and she is AMAZING!! The girls LOVE their hats she knitted them. Even Livi who is super-picky. Thank you, Oma!!

  3. I wish I could add images of the beautiful things she has made Avery to your post. She is UNBELIEVABLE. The most recent owl stuffed animal creation she made for her most people would pay a fortune for in a cute little boutique. There is nothing better than telling strangers at the grocery store that my amazing Mama Nameth made the adorable hats we get compliments on every time we're out. ~ Lo

  4. When is she opening a store? Definitly some gotta-have-it items!!! ;)

  5. Oma Nameth is the best!! We love her hats and we love her! xoxoxox.

  6. please tell her to open a store i want those leg warmers!!!!! xoxo

  7. We love Auntie and her knitastic things. Infact, Ella is watching TV as I type with her baby blanket Auntie knitted for her. She needs to start a business :)