Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another year.

I started blogging at Blessed Treehouse TWO years ago today.

The funny thing is that it feels like I've always been blogging. It is such a natural fit for me.

Here is the post I wrote last year to acknowledge my one year bloggy anniversary.

Though my blogging rhythm has slowed down a bit, I still very much enjoy it. And I'm thankful that y'all stop by periodically to remind me how much I love love love my online community of peeps.

Cheers to another blessed year!


  1. Happy Anniversary, girl!! That Radical post still makes me smile. Love you!

  2. Ali, I love your blog and all of your amazing thoughts! I dont get to see you as much as I would like but I feel so connected to you through your blog:) I loved your radical post and enjoyed reading through the comments and it was kinda weird you posted that because just yesterday I asked the pastors wife what we needed to do to get Marla here. A bunch of the glimr girls have been praying about it and I felt it was layed on my heart to ask again and she was very interrested and wants to get some dates to so so excited.


  3. p.s. smitten....well..had me smitten. I must have missed it cause I had Halle around the same time but what a sweet sweet post. We love you and your husband and of course your 2 sweet kids.