Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2010 was absolutely splendid. Words cannot describe.

Matt and I began our day in the kitchen - one of our favorite ways to spend time together. We baked dips and brownies and cakes and breads, filling our makeshift freezer (our back porch) with days worth of deliciousness.

As evening approached, we ventured to my parents' house to begin the birthday celebration. My parents hosted several dear friends, and though 2010 years later, I could feel the magic of Christ's birth alive throughout my childhood home.

Before leaving for Christmas Eve service, we gathered all the kids for a group photo. There are two kiddos missing from these pictures - my husband was in the middle of the parent-razzi and unable to get a shot of the entire group.

Within seconds of the flash photography, sweet Kaitlyn (far left) was overcome by her inner bashful.

Not even Henry's relentless tickling could break her.

The evening closed with a beautiful service among our church family. It was a packed house, and I stood in awe of God's loving presence as I witnessed more people than seats fill the room.

Spending the day surrounded by family and friends was the best Christmas gift. And to think that Christmas Eve was only the beginning of a most precious holiday weekend. Hallelujah.


  1. I love you. And I love Christmas Eve with your family. And I love that you blog about my daughter and her...quirks.

  2. I love Christmas Eve with your family too. And Kaitlyn is adorable.

  3. looks like a lot of great friends:)

  4. Your Christmas Eve looks amazing! Seriously, breathtaking. We missed out on a festive Christmas this year, but I am determined to make up for it next year. I'm already planning, and it includes lots of food, friends, family, all of it!