Friday, January 14, 2011

More Christmas

After a splendid morning in Columbus, we headed 80 miles southeast toward the foothills. Every year Matt's family spends Christmas afternoon together, and for the first time ever, Matt-kids-dog-and-I made it in time for the Kelley family festivities.

Ah, the Kelley family. The matriarch Marceline, her SIX lovely daughters, and ALL their people. Quite the brood. The Kelleys are known for their cookbook worthy recipes, enormous hearts, country-chic decorated homes, rambunctious games, and of course, their unforgettable laughter. Get the Kelley sisters together and dogs run tails-tucked ears-pinned. There's nothing quite like a room full of cackling Kelleys.

And only the Kelleys can turn a two-car-garage into Christmas paradise. It was fantastic.

I was full for days.

Even Santa stuck around for the party.

And the decorations? They were also party favors!

These two spent hours playing at the sink.

I wonder how many more years before they can no longer share the stool.

Little missy was feeling left out.

Grandma to the rescue.

We played a fierce game of hot potato. DJ Marceline at the turntable.

She lit it up.

It was intense.

And ridiculous.

Would you believe me if I told you these were the DJs feet?

Because they aren't. But this is most definitely the back of her head. I promised not to speak of this moment, but I never said I wouldn't blog about it.

From hot potato to a hula contest.

It got scandalous, folks.

Would somebody please tell these people that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus? For the love!

It was a blast, and to think the weekend was only half over. The following morning we celebrated Christmas with Matt's parents, sister, and brother-in-law. The morning began with a visit from Grandpa's puppies. Henry captured the moment on his new camera.

The kids jammed.

And jammed.

And my piano prodigy performed her first solo.

Henry stayed glued to the dancing santa.

While Harper went to town on some pancakes (thanks, Uncle Joe!)

The morning ended with MORE presents because spoiling Henry and Harper is what our families do best.

And if only I could have captured this boy's reaction to this present. Auntie Kelley gave him a MP3 player with Buckeye music downloaded to it. All morning, Henry sat proudly with that darn music player, not once letting it leave his side. This boy dreams in scarlet and gray, I tell ya.

It was the merriest Christmas to date.

We simply cannot thank our families enough for a wonderful Christmas. Lord knows our hearts are full.


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