Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sleepy Heads

Ask any parent and they'll tell you that often times the highlight of their day is when their children are sleeping. My kids bring me much joy, but the reality is that some days bedtime cannot come fast enough.

Our two kids have very different but equally adorable sleeping habits.

Harper is still sleeping in her crib. On most nights, she has 3-4 blankies, 2 dolls, and 2 loveys in bed with her. What I love most about Harper is that she sleeps with EVERYTHING all tangled up in her arms, legs, and body. She's a beautifully peaceful sleeper, and these pictures absolutely melt my heart.

Henry, on the other hand . . . oh, Henry. Henry goes through phases. Some nights he goes to bed at 9p. Some nights not until 10:30p. Some nights he sleeps like an angel. Some nights he winds up in bed with us. Some nights he wakes up wailing. Some nights he wakes up and wants to watch cartoons. We never know what we are going to get with Henry.

He's also getting to the age where he fights bedtime. His room is in the basement, but there is no door to his room. The stairwell to the basement is open, and the stairs are broken into two sets of stairs divided by a landing. Lately Henry has been sneaking up the first set of stairs and resting on the steps with his head on the landing. I think he is trying to "stay up" with us but he doesn't want us to know he's there. It rarely works because we can always hear him breathing and sighing. The thing that kills me is that he eventually falls asleep like this! We always move him back to his bed, and thankfully he stays asleep during the transfer.

Bless his sweet heart! As much as it drives me crazy, I know there will be a day when I look back and miss my little man asleep on the stairs.

What about you, do your kids have any crazy sleep habits?


  1. Oh Parker - when we first put him in his big boy bed, he'd end up falling asleep right behind the door and he'd stay there all night. For a while he would sleep under the bed. For a while he'd sleep in a ball at the top of the bed. Now he sleeps in bed with his lovely (Blankie), Mousie, Puppy, Bear, Nemo and whatever toy he's obsessed with that day. And he sleeps under his sheet and blankie's funny...

    One time I found him asleep in a pile of his dirty clothes at nap time.

  2. Ali, those pictures are precious!

  3. He takes after his second cousin Jared. He NEVER slept in his bed, always with his head in the hallway (the dividing line) and his body in his room. Just had to be in ear shot of the living room. Usually he slept there all night - just had a thing about sleeping in beds!!! Yep, that did end about 2nd grade!

  4. Awwwww!!! What a beautiful Silent Night you have my friend! :)
    Emma sleeps with a million "friends" in her bed...mostly consisting of stuffed dogs, one of which is refered to as Hank Jr....outstanding sleeper, always has been.
    Hope....wellllll, lets just refer to her as "Henry". ;)