Monday, December 13, 2010

Ruler Growth Chart

When I was little, my aunt and uncle tracked our heights on the wall of their kitchen. I remember being in awe of the lines on the wall, each accompanied by a name, date and age. My cousin's line was always inches above mine, but it seemed that I would soon catch up. I never did.

I've always wanted to recreate that memory for my kids, but living in a condo-for-sale isn't conducive to marking on the walls.

So I started shopping growth charts - I wanted something simple, gender-neautral, sturdy and easy to transport for if/when we move.

I fell in love with a giant ruler growth chart at Pottery Barn Kids, but there ain't no way I was spending $75 on an oversized ruler. So because I like crafts and my husband likes projects, we decided to create our own ruler growth chart.

We bought a 1"x8" poplar board - 6' tall. It cost less than $17. We already had sandpaper, stain, and paint. It was a cheap and easy project, and I love the results.

After sanding the board, my husband applies the stain.

The stain is walnut. I love the way it pops when against the wall.

He only stained the front and sides.

Anyone notice the peanut gallery?

I used a ruler and black paint to add the markings.

We placed the finished project in my son's room. Eventually I'd like to put it in a hallway or play area.

I used a black Sharpie to add the kids' names, dates, and heights.

I love the way this turned out. I think it will be a special item that we'll have forever.

What about you, do you have a growth chart for your family?


  1. So cute! Would make a great homemade gift too if you have a baby shower in your near future.

  2. Love it! And great idea to make them for baby shower gifts. Or Matt can quit his job and sell them.

  3. Very nice Ali, I thought about picking out a wall to do this on but I might steal this idea from you all. I'd hate to move in 15 years and not have it any more. Great idea!

  4. Peanut gallery pic....LOVE IT!

  5. Coley - hmmm, good idea. Don't tell.
    Marla - something tells me that guns sell better than growth charts.
    Jared - Do you ever comment on my blog? Is this a first? I'm excited!
    Jill - I'm sick of missing you.

  6. Wow - we have one on a 2x4 (for the same reason - who knows where and when God will move us). . .I like yours better=:)

  7. LOVE this idea! we totally need one.

  8. You are rediculously adorable Alison. I am jealous of everything you and Matt do. And if Matt sells - I want. :)


  9. Lauren, I'm still waiting on your blog.