Friday, December 3, 2010

A room of her own.

Remember many moons ago when I posted these pics?

I asked y'all to guess what we were doing to our basement, and then I promised to post pics of the After, and then my hard drive crashed, and then my job took over my life, and now it's December.

All that to say, still no pics. But they are only a couple of posts away. And I mean it this time.

But I will answer the question, what were we doing to our basement?

Quick back story . . . we live in a two-bedroom condo with a finished basement. Before the birth of our daughter, the two bedrooms were occupied by my husband & I:

and my son:

We converted the basement into a guest room:

One side of the room for guests; the other side for crafts:

And then we got busy and had another baby, and she was a she, and we named her Harper. Because she had her daddy & I wrapped around her finger from the beginning, we co-slept with her for months and months and months. And as life would have it, that precious baby girl slept in our room for an entire year (with most of those nights in our bed - oh, I miss those days).

When it was finally time to graduate our daughter to a room of her own, we decided it would be best for the kids to have their own separate rooms, mainly because of sleeping issues. They weren't on the same sleep schedule, and it was overwhelming to think of them sharing a room and waking up the other. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to move Henry to the basement. Yes, the basement. Most parents don't move their kids to the basement until the teen years. Not us - we shipped our 2-year-old down two flights of stairs and plopped him next to the water heater! (Totally kidding about the water heater.)

And thank goodness for technology. A video monitor allowed us to move Henry to the basement with confidence. And moving Henry to the basement freed up his room for the queen Miss Harper Lynn. Move over rustic cabin, hello garden wonderland. So after a lot of moving and sorting and cleaning and painting, we made the switch.

And that is what happened to our basement!

I still have to take pictures of Henry's new room in the basement, but I do have several pics of Harper's new room. It's sweet and lovely and the perfect space for my darling girl.

Here are pictures and video of the room when Henry occupied it:

Hocus pocus kalamazoo, turn that room into something new:

The knit bunny is a handmade gift from my mom.

The shelves are from what was the craft space in the basement.

The pictures are handmade with fabric and decals.

The bookshelves are from my bachelorette days.

The letters are from PBK (Pottery Barn Kids). I dressed them up with sticker decals.

The wicker drawers are from my bachelorette days.

The curtain drawbacks are fake florals I pulled from an old Halloween costume.

The curtains are from Target.

The lamp and rug are from Target (gifts from my mom and sister).

The bookshelf is from my husband's bachelor days.

The jewelry box is from PBK (a gift from my sister).

The picture is from Renville Art, a studio for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. My mom bought it for Matt & I when we were first married.

The crosses are from my cross collection.

The bedding is from PBK. The crib is second-hand (a gift from friends).

I made this sign for our wedding day (you can see a picture here.)

The wall decals are from Target (a gift from my mom).

The quilt was made by my mother-in-law. She made it from tablecloth fabric leftover from my wedding reception.

The wicker stand is from my bachelorette days.

The white and green pillow sham is from PBK.

The personalized stool is a gift from my sister.

The round blue pillow is a gift from my sister.

The handmade doll is from my mother-in-law (more about that soon!)

The armoire is second-hand (once my parent's and then my sister's and now Harper's!)

The butterflies are held together with fishing wire. They were intended for hanging but I couldn't figure out where to hang them so I lined them along the top of the armoire.

I love that the nursery is a collection of pieces from our life before Harper combined with gifts from our family and friends. Most of the items from Pottery Barn Kids are things that I bought - all of which were on super clearance AND discounted because I purchased them from a store that was closing. The gifts are items that were given to Harper for her birthday and Christmas. The only thing that I'd like to change is the rocking chair. That chair was a gift from Matt's mom - she rocked both of her babies in that chair. She gave me permission to paint it, and I'd like to paint it blue - eggshell blue.

I never thought I'd love this room as much as I do, especially considering I loved, loved, loved it when it was Henry's room. Four years ago when my sister and I bought this condo, I never ever ever would have believed that I would one day live here with my husband, dog, son, and daughter (and two fish). I am so thankful for this home.


  1. Your home is one of my favorite places to be. Love the pics! And all the sentimentality of Harper's sweet room.

  2. I think it is a "hoot" that Avey and Harper have such similar rooms - and the same owl from Target looking over them at Night. I can't wait til they can have sleepovers in those rooms with each other :) ~Lo

  3. Lauren - I need to see Avery's room!!! It's time you start a blog :)

  4. You are so creative and resourceful. Please come help me with my house. My favorite is the special

  5. Beautiful room for a beautiful girl! So cute!