Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not her momma's Raggedy Ann doll

I could devote an entire blog to the creative genius who is my mother-in-law, but she's way too humble to ever allow such a thing. Instead, I sneak in posts here and there about the cakes and stockings and crafts that Becky creates and inspires. Between her and my own mother, the two of them could make a small fortune selling their craftswomanship on etsy. In fact, I will gladly manage an etsy store for the dynamic duo when they settle down and retire (for every item sold, you two get H&H for an hour - deal?)

Becky's most recent creation was a gift for Harper's first birthday. I remember opening the gift at Harper's party, and I simply welled up with tears. Not only is the doll beautiful and lovely, but she is deeply sentimental. Becky used leftover fabric from my wedding reception to make the doll's outfit. Harper's name is stitched near the hem of the dress, and I Love You is stitched on the heart. The doll is absolutely special, so much so that my husband suggested we place the doll out of the kids' reach for fear they might destroy it. But watching Harper drag the life size doll around by her hand is one of the most adorable sights I've ever seen.

Matt and I are so blessed to have moms who love on our children in this way. I only wish the kids understood how special it is to receive something that is crafted with such love. I cherish these gifts, and I suspect that in time, so will my kids.


  1. I watched you open that doll, and I'm pretty sure the sheer JOY on your face was a gift in itself to your sweet mama-in-law. She's a-MA-zing.

  2. Love it. ill etsy one from your mom in law. tell her the name in Halle Ann:)

  3. Love this doll. It Brought tears to my eyes when you opened it. I cherish the things your mom and Kay have made for my little ones. This doll is amazing....Ella wants one too! Howmuch? :)

  4. Oh my...THAT is so adorable! Gave me goosebumps.