Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Photo Card

I love Christmas cards.

Let me be more specific. I love Christmas photo cards featuring a photograph of the sender and/or his/her family.

We have been super blessed this year having received an entire fridge full of Christmas photo cards. Literally, there is no more room for another photo card. I suppose this is more reason to follow my beautifully creative friend Jess' footsteps next year.

And because I love Christmas photo cards so much, it's only fair that we send a Christmas photo card to our friends and family. In October, we took pictures for the cause. Scroll down to see the final product. But first, here are a few pics that didn't make the cut.

PS: Our card was designed by the amazingly talented Vanessa of Butterfly Sparks. Vanessa broke my heart when she said that 2010 would be her last year to design Christmas cards. Her decision has inspired me to figure out how to design a card myself. Wish me luck.


  1. Ok, your children are beautiful, adorable, and look SO happy! I love your card! And if you figure out how to make cards like vanessa...we will be ordering from you next year!

  2. Jess did inspire me - I ended up doing kind of the same thing....I posted it on my FB...


    I really like you and your family!