Sunday, November 28, 2010

Matt #2 turns 30

My darling sister has a new man in her life, and aside from the fact that the two of them are disgustingly beautiful, it has been absolutely wonderful getting to know him. Conveniently his name is Matt, but we refer to him as Matt #2 or Morgan's Matt or Matt Wheat or Misser Maa (because Mister Matt is a lot for a two-year-old to say).

Recently my sister got together with a couple of his friends to throw Matt #2 a 30th birthday party. She's become quite the pro at this considering she had a major hand in throwing me a 30th birthday party in March (see my humiliation here).

The party was a blast, and it was especially wonderful getting to meet Matt Wheat's friends and family. Not only is he great, but so are his peeps.

One of the party highlights was the pinata. The kids very much enjoyed trying to crack it, but ultimately it was busted open in one clean whack by the very buff Misser Maa. Gangsta Gabe was crazy enough to hold the pinata while Matt swung, and it all happened so fast that this is the best picture I captured of the destruction:

The aftermath was clearly the favorite for the kids, and according to Megan, it was the "best day of her life."

I don't know that it was the best day of my life, but the party was a definite hit. And combined with a Buckeye win, it was a pretty darn good day.


  1. i love that Matt Wheat is now a label

  2. Yah, they are jus a bit disgustingly beautiful! Every time I see that Sister of yours I think - "There goes that beautiful girl again - and her equally beautiful man!"

    Happy Bday Matt

  3. Bummed we missed the shin-dig. Thanks for the replay Ali Kay! Love you all! ~ Lauren

  4. what cuties. Your sister is looking hot. She is such a skinny minnie:)She looks so happy:)