Thursday, November 18, 2010


This year's Halloween costumes went something like this:
  • Graciously accept hand-me-down costume from neighbor, a pink butterfly sans wings.
  • Affirm that butterflies aren't my style, and declare the discovery of a rare pink bug from a lovely tribe of natives in southeastern Ohio.
  • Humbly admit that I should have tried on my son's intended costume well before the fast-approaching pagan holiday.
  • Summon my inner Steve Nameth, a German beach bum turned entomologist.
  • Announce my love for bugs, all bugs, especially those of the handmade variety.
  • Rush my thrifty butt to Dollar Tree.
  • Turn on creativity.
  • Shop.
  • Spend pennies.
  • Throw together black felt, fluorescent yellow fabric, and red pipe cleaners.
  • Wave my magic wand above my son's trick-or-treat hungry head and Voila!
  • Present the world with Henry the glowworm-bat-firefly and Harper the wingless pink wonder.

And from looking at the still-not-empty bowl of candy in my kitchen, it was very worth it.


  1. Cutest bugs I ever did see! (aside from a precious little bumble bee!) :)

  2. How might I go about summoning my inner Steve Nameth?