Tuesday, October 12, 2010

blood:water belt

Now let me tell you about this belt.

Recently I became a member of a community of folks who are reading David Platt's Radical. Together we read the text, blog/facebook/tweet/journal about our thoughts, and process the challenges and convictions we encounter along the way. Aside from the totally awesome things that God is doing in my heart and soul as a result of this book, Radical has also allowed me to interact with amazing people around the globe who are also on this journey.

Amy is one of those people. Amy's first response to reading Chapter One of Radical was HUGE! She was really kicking herself for spending $28 on this adorable belt from Anthropologie, and as her creative juices flowed, she came up with a life-changing idea.

In an effort to save lives in Africa, sisters can "buy" the belt by donating to blood:water mission. By donating, you will receive the belt and then you can wear it before sending it on to the next sister. Already the belt has raised hundreds of dollars for blood:water mission.


And it's not too late to join the sisterhood of the traveling belt. Check this out for more information.

It is an honor, privilege and blessing to be part of this sisterhood. Thank you, Amy, for this wonderful opportunity. And thank you to all the beautiful sisters who are rockin' the blood:water belt in an effort to save lives.


  1. Whoo Hoo!! So glad you joined and looking forward to what is to come! We passed the $1,000 mark. Can you believe that?!

  2. Over $1000??? Amy, that is so amazing. Praise God.

  3. Thank you so much Ali for being a part of this sisterhood. It's amazing isn't it? How one little ripple can turn into something awesome when God gets a hold of it!

  4. I would first like to say you look Hot! And second what a creative idea to raise money and awareness. The belt is a living breathing symbol that Radical is well really Radical. Go Jesus:)

  5. That is awesome. (and you look GREAT!)