Sunday, August 1, 2010

Forever Friends

Here are a few attempts at a group picture with the beautiful Kuntz girls.

Clearly the task of getting four small children to look and smile at the camera all at once is impossible.

But no worries. These four beauties will be friends forever (whether they like it or not). They have years of photo opportunities ahead of them.

And did you notice the girls are all wearing the same pattern. Oh, so adorable!


  1. Dear Auntie Ali, Can I come over? I gotta get dressed. Ok? Love, Ava

    thanks for the cute pics....I love them! I showed Ava the pics and that is what she said. She misses her friend Henry she said. haha

  2. Oh, Ava and Halle. You two girls mean so, so much to me. Why, oh why, oh why must Warren, OH be so far away?!