Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, MoMo

First things first, isn't my sister BEAUTIFUL? Gosh, I look at those pictures and think, "she is so gorgeous!"

And today is that gorgeous girl's 27th birthday. Oh, Lord, THANK YOU for bringing Morgan into this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She means the absolute world to me.

And right now she is winding down her birthday celebration from 9,000 miles away! Oh, how I wish she was here so that I could squeeze her neck. But I am so, so happy that she has spent this glorious day with those beautiful Cambodian children who she loves and adores.

Morgan, you are my soul sister, through and through. If this last week is proof of anything, it's that I am an absolute basket case without you. Is it Sunday yet?

And you are the most amazing aunt to my children. They adore their MoMo! I am so full of tears even thinking about how much you love my babies. Gosh, we are so blessed.

And what has most blown my mind is how you have stepped into the role of Missions Coordinator, leading teams all the way to Cambodia to do God's work in such a terribly tough battlefield. You have embraced your role beautifully, and it is unreal to watch God continue to stretch you.

Morgan, I could go on and on and on. I am missing you terribly right now, and I cannot wait to squeeze you upon your arrival home on Sunday. Hugs and prayers.


  1. Yes...she is beautiful...inside and out! Morgan, we love you. We are so so so thankful that God has brought you into our lives. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday, beautiful, wonderful Morgan!! (and your sister is awfully beautiful herself, as evidenced by that first pic taken by YOURS TRULY) Love your tribute to her, Ali!! I'm so proud of her!!

  3. Happy Birthday to a special lady. You are adorable on the inside and out. It is exciting and life affirming to watch what God is doing in your life.

  4. Couldn't be happier for the love and support your two sisters give to each other! What a blessing to have one another.
    Love, AK

  5. second time you've got me crying on my birthday...soul sisters if right, love you, and thank you

  6. Beatuiful post, Ali. Growing up with 2 older brothers, I spent a lot of my childhood wearing hand-me-down boy clothes and even had a boys bike.
    (Your post today has me SOOOO excited for Emma. *aahem, July is here.....wink wink.)

  7. Awww....sisters are amazing. Although Morgan and I haven't spent much time together, I love her too! She is an amazing sister to you. Happy Birthday, Morgan! (sorry I am late!)