Monday, June 7, 2010

Brother & Sister

Recently I discovered what I believe to be is the absolute best part about having two children. Ironically, it's probably also the most frustrating part about having two children. I'm talking about the interactions between them.

Lately I have discovered my kids playing together. Really, truly playing. Though my daughter is only nine months old, she already has the ability to mimic and engage her brother. From her earliest days, she has been extremely fond of him. And now I am beginning to see evidence that she actually looks up to him. It is beautifully endearing.

Yes, there are times when their play is not so endearing. Usually it's because she is infringing on his territory and he chooses to kick or push her in order to express his annoyance. It requires every ounce of my patience to discipline him kindly in those moments as it breaks my heart to witness him physically hurting her.

But fortunately, their precious playful interactions are becoming more and more frequent. I never imagined that at such young ages they would be entertaining one another.

In each of the following clips, I literally stumbled upon them playing together. I was in another room, walked in to check on them, and then dashed to grab my iPhone in an effort to capture these adorable moments.

I must add, Henry was just fine at the end of the second clip. He was running around playing within seconds of his spill.

And wouldn't you agree that the end of that last clip is classic? I think it perfectly illustrates the reality of life with a sibling.


  1. so adorable! i am smiling and missing those days. my two are 17 months apart...older boy, younger girl, just like you. they were also sweet and tender together at the age and also interacted/were friends. now they are 5 and 4...and the very best of friends. they have something so very amazing bond and friendship. i hope the same for your two.


  2. Could listen to those laughs ALL day...make a soundtrack, would ya?!!! :)
    So can't wait for Emma to meet her new sibling soon!

  3. Linda - Thank you! I hope they are best friends. And even if they aren't in the next few years . . . I pray they reconnect in their adulthood.

    Marla - What happened with the bubbles? Nothing. Harper kept trying to get them and therefore interrupted his system, so he threw a fit. Because that's what 2yo do. But Harper scored. He threw the toy down, took off, and she was left with the bubbles!

    Lauren - I want Avery. Now.

    Jill - When is that baby going to get here???

  4. what a cute pair. I loved their sweet ways with one another and even smiled a little that Harper won. I say that because I have two little one so similar in age. loved seeing you!