Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mother's Day Card

I made this Mother's Day card for both my mom and Matt's mom.

You can easily make it for anyone for any occasion.

I began by cutting two sheets of 8"x11" cardstock, each to 5 1/2"x11". Then I folded each section into thirds.

Using a gluestick, I glued the two together so that they made one accordion with five sections.

I printed five photos, 4"x6".

I cut each photograph so that it would fit on a section.

And I glued the photographs onto the cardstock.

I made sure that I glued the photographs close to the top of each section. That way I had plenty of room to write below each photograph.

Under each photograph, I wrote a reason why we are thankful for our moms. If your child is old enough, he/she can do the writing.

This is such a simple craft that makes a beautiful card and keepsake.


  1. you are such a crafty lady. xoxo love it

  2. so cute! love the idea!! thanks for sharing...i bet they LOVED the cards.

  3. I am jealous of your craftiness...so much so I still have your paper cutter. I LOVE the card. Need to remember it for next year or Father's Day.

  4. I'm conveinced you could put pictures of your kids on bottled mud and people would pay millions just for it's cuteness! Seriously, your kids are so beautiful and your pictures capture every ounce of that!!!