Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thanks, MoMo!


Thanks for making our vacation extra super special. We had tons of fun with you - in the pool, on the bus, in the pulmonias, and even on the airplane!

Thanks for loving us so much that you cry when we slip and fall in the pool. Thanks for giving our mommy & daddy a break every now and then. If you would only start lactating you could give mommy even more breaks :)

We love you so much.

henry & harper


  1. how precious is this! i love those kids more than anything!

  2. Your sis is such a cutie. You are so lucky to have a sister that shares your life with you:0 Love you. how was henrys bday party...I have been anxiously awaiting the details

  3. Laughing out loud about the lactating part! Isn't that the truth! You are SO SUPER lucky to have such an amazing relationship (and live close) to your sister! Morgan, you totally rock the "aunt" status! :o)

  4. Jackie - Party pics coming soon!

  5. Morgs Lactating would be FABULOUS for me too! I guess I will just haefv to be content with her being super special to my kid too, bringing her the most adorable dress from Mexico! SUPER MOMO!!!!! - Lo