Monday, April 19, 2010

Lucky, Dusty, & Ned!

Henry's MoMo gave him quite the trio for his second birthday.

Welcome to our world, Lucky, Dusty, and Ned!

The three amigos make our family complete.

What about you . . . do you like pets?


  1. I like other people's pets. And their babies.

  2. Oh yes we love pets!! We have our two cats and fish.

    Speaking of fish...if you'd like a live plant to put in there with the three amigos let me know...ours are healthy and we can give you a start on one :)

  3. I love pets, but with Park's allergies, alas, I can't have what I love (dog/cats) and as much as I adore cute little bunnies, fish, hamsters, ect, I have zero desire to have them as pets and clean up their icky cages (well not so much fish - but still.)

    I live vicariously through my friends pets now.

    P.S. love your new fishies, they are so tiny!

  4. other peoples pets are great but 2 kids and a hubby are enough to keep track of:)

  5. aunt momo is way cool!

  6. Thanks, Val! I'll let you know if we want a plant :)