Monday, March 15, 2010

Vacation Prep

Blogging will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks. We are preparing for our first vacation as a family - ever! Heck, Matt and I never even took a honeymoon.

Our trip next week will be the first time we have gone on a vacation since we were married. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity (thanks, Mom & Dad). I have the kids' suitcase packed, but it seems like everyday I think of something else that I want to take with us to the beach.

I really cannot wait.


  1. What day do you leave? You know, so I can burglarize your condo.

  2. Don't forget to pack baby powder if you're going to the beach... it works wonders in getting/keeping the sand off of the kiddos. -Sarah K.

  3. i bet your place sells while you are away:) where are you going?

  4. No joke, Jackie. My realtor made us leave all our hotel info in case she has to get a hold of us!

    We are going to Mexico!

  5. let's all pray that while you are enjoying fun in the sun and getting a much deserved retreat and recharge of the spirit and soul. that God finds that special someone that he has planned to buy your place walk through the door and make a fair offer. Presto no packing up the kids everytime someone wants to peek in on the place. Sold:)