Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Henry and I made bookmarks to handout to friends and family on Valentine's Day (Grandma & Grandpa and Auntie Kelley & Uncle Joe - we have one for each of you! I keep forgetting to give them to you.)

Henry loves to color and play with stickers, so it was an easy craft that kept him engaged.

Preparing the materials.

First, I cut-out the bookmarks. I managed to get 12 from one sheet of cardstock.

Henry colored them.

The scribbles are part of their charm.

And the scribbles on his face are part of his charm.

While I used special scissors to cut the edges of each bookmark, Henry decorated them with stickers.

He takes his sticker-decorating very seriously.

Toddler art!

I then hole-punched each bookmark.

And put a ribbon through each one. Finally, I printed off a verse, and I used a gluestick to adhere the verse to the back of the bookmark.

Bookmarks are a great craft to engage your little ones, and they are the perfect gift for any occasion.


  1. so cute! :) I am hoping to try to start to do more crafts with Parker.

  2. Denise - Washable markers are the key!

  3. Ali - these are so wonderful!!! You have such a great creative side.....and loving side too. ;)

  4. So cute! Kaden knows a song to go with that verse...now I'm left trying to figure out (decode) what the tune is!