Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beach Babies

Though I've lived in Ohio most of my life, I was born in Southern California. I spent much of the first years of my life at the beach - Naked, if you really want to know.

I feel at home on the beach, and I was eager to see how my children would react to the beach in Mazatlan. Though my son was a bit hesitant around the waves, and though my daughter did a face plant in the sand, they both loved the beach. Loved it.

I couldn't be happier to see my babies enjoying the beach. Oh, Lord, why must Ohio be so far from the ocean?

What about you, are you a beach bum at heart?


  1. what precios familt memories. the pictures are magnificant and you all look so happy. Glad to see smiles on everyones face. miss you

  2. I love the beach. Darling pictures!!

  3. Yep I was right. Delicious. Beach bum at heart definately. I love the way the sand makes your feet itch.

  4. Nope, sure am not. I am a couch potato. I actually don't like to swim, I don't like sand between my toes or in unmentionable places. It's funny how much I used to love it growing up - I was all about going to the beach at the local lake and swimming, now, I am happy to just stay away from the beach.

    Thought I mean, I would survive if I did go, I mean Mexico is beautiful and worth it!

  5. love. beach. LOVE. must. have. beach. BEACH.