Friday, February 5, 2010


Matt recently found the following email. I sent it to him in April of '09.

Jaeger was sitting at the top of the landing facing the living room (he does this often; he has his front paws on the top step and his bottom on the landing). While sitting there, he had a giant red rocket sticking out. I could see it easily from the couch. Well, I guess Henry could also because Henry crawled up the stairs and grabbed Jaeger's wiener.

I don't want to be the mom of boys anymore.

Do you have an I-don't-want-to-be-the-mom-of-boys/girls-anymore story to share?


  1. Laughing so hard, I may have wet my pants. Can't top that story, but my 4 year old blond bombshell is demanding that we call her by her "new name"....Balleriesha. Demanding enough that she threw a fit in church today when she saw that her name tag said Emma and not Balleriesha. She's a weirdo. :)

  2. Balleriesha! I miss you and your mommy.