Monday, February 8, 2010

When we get dumped on . . .

. . . we put the kid to work.

Who is in charge of shoveling your walk?

*Disclaimer: My husband is always the snow-shoveler. I think I've shoveled twice since we've been married. But he enjoys it, and it appears that our son enjoys it, too!


  1. I knew it - I knew you made that kid work! :) I shoveled our walkway only to see our apt. complex actually come out on a Sat. and snow blow about an hour later. I was annoyed, but I got a good leg workout!

  2. Yes, Denise, it's a GREAT workout!

  3. Do you hire him out? :)

    In answer to your question, the apartment complex shovels my walk. If they didn't do it I don't think it would get done.

    Better get Henry prepared. I heard there will be another 4-8 inches tonight!

  4. I have never shoveled...Billy is the shoveler at our house. Like Matt, he enjoys it and I have no complaints. :)