Monday, February 1, 2010

Wha' Happened?

If you've seen A Mighty Wind, then you can hear Fred Willard's over-the-top character hollering"Wha' Happened?" Seriously, could Christopher Guest movies be anymore brilliant?

All that to say, "Wha' Happened?" I didn't blog for a week!

Well, nothing happened. It was just another week-in-the-life of the Hooper Family.

And I decided not to blog.

So there.

I'll jump back on the bus tomorrow.

See ya then.


  1. Well, I missed you like mad. My week is all free...

  2. I missed you too...I missed a recipe, an informative how to video...

  3. BTW - We LOVE Christopher Guest...our favorite is Waiting for Guffman. :)