Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow never looked so good.

I look at these pictures and think, "I want to live in a snowy climate all year round."

I mean, seriously, he just makes snowy weather seem absolutely heavenly.

Granted I type this while sitting in my heated house on my cozy couch under a warm blanket.

Ask me tomorrow when I'm trying to scrape the ice off my car windows with two snot-nosed kids in tow nearly slipping on my butt as I attempt to get us all in the car.

What about you, how are you dealing with the snow?


  1. I have been stuck inside alot (as you know). It's been really hard, I want so bad to take parker out and play in the snow, but until he matures more and his lungs are better we can't be outside much.

    It's hard....oh well, we'll survive, God's giving me the strength.

    I'll stop complaining now!

  2. He is So. Freaking. Cute. That is all.

  3. considering I have gotten 3 glorious snow days out of it...I am not complaining! :) Henry is adorable!!

  4. I'll take Henry. You can have the snow. Next week--you & me.