Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow catcher

When we took lil' Harper out in the snow, she couldn't keep her tongue in her mouth. She caught snowflake after snowflake on her tiny baby tongue. And then she caught a few more.

Watching the kids experience winter brings me such joy. And I am quickly reminded of my childhood - sledding near the Scioto River, building igloos in the front yard, and of course, catching snowflakes on my tongue.

What is one of your favorite Wintertime childhood memories?


  1. OMG are those the cutest pictures!! I love the tongue hanging out...precious!

  2. These pictures are priceless! Favorite winter memory - snow skiing...which has become a very distant winter memory considering I haven't been snow skiing since I moved to Ohio *sigh*

  3. Oh! Oh! Oh! Those are GORGEOUS! I want an 11x14 of that last one please!

  4. LOVE the pics of sweet Harper - she is so beautiful and the color is such fun on her.....hum, favorite wintertime memories........swimming in the pool on Christmas day, maybe....not what you were looking for, but neither is California! Actually, truth be told, it would be family ski vacations in Vail.

  5. The hat, the coat, the tongue, the nose, the cheeks...TOO MUCH! She makes winter look beautiful!

  6. Yes, Jackie, it's a corky coat. It was a gift from my mom. I would never spend that kind of money on a coat!

    Amy, I don't think you'll be skiing anytime soon :) Maybe when that little one is old enough, you can take him/her skiing.

    Auntie, those were the days. Back when you all would vacation with the Larsen's. Wow, so much has changed.