Thursday, February 25, 2010

Over it?

I had my moment.

March, 2009

And now I'm over it.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Ali - I don't think you will or should get over those moments. :) That's what makes you Henry's mom.

  2. ali, i just about died reading your post. i totally know what you mean. i look at my kids all the time and think "where did my sweet babies go?" now they want to watch kill bill and get embarrassed when i kiss them goodbye at school. :( it's sad. but fun. i actually had the strangest dream last night that raleigh was a baby again. everything was the same as it is now, just my baby was a baby. so weird.
    anyway, like amy said, don't get over it. remember. and cry. and love it.
    love you! nats

  3. Nat - I love that they watch Kill Bill. My kind of kids :)